Interview Training Tool

I’ve always been intrigued by Hackatons. So, when I read about the first female led hackathon in Switzerland, I signed up without thinking twice. It was an exciting experience that allowed me to grow as a designer and meet brilliant women in other fields.

The group that adopted me for the weekend was fully composed by developers. We clicked right away. With their vision and our combined skills, we were able to deliver a functional product by the end of the two-day event. And with that, our project got second place.

Our challenge was to help young people prepare for their first job interview. Nowadays, most interviews are done online. With a comprehensive database of questions that will allow the user to transfer their real-life experiences to skills necessary for the job, practice interviews will be possible.

I made a logo for our team, developed a clickable prototype in Figma, put together a pitch video for the jury, and worked close with my team of developers to bring this tool to life. My colleagues gave invaluable feedback on the prototype. They also developed the tool on Ruby on Rails, using AWS S3 for storing video and Heroku to deploy.

Check out the press release. If you scroll down long enough, you’ll see my big smile on the stage together with my teammates and the other winning teams.

  • RELEASE DATE: November 2021
  • TAGS: Figma, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender 3D
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