Turntable 3D
Turntable Clay


Following the success of admire’s music campaign, the need to seamlessly incorporate one of the musical elements in their new website arose.

A simple but powerful 3D composition made in Blender was integrated in the header through a sequence of images depicting a turntable with admire’s core competences on the vinyl. This was achieved through ScrollMagic JavaScript libraries.

Although my part in this task ended once the images were delivered to the developers, I’ve got to admit I was fascinated by the way they programmed it to render so smoothly. Instead of just giving the script a list of the images, they made a preload function to deliver them to the image container. Beautiful efficient coding that I implemented in my own website’s ScrollMagic animations as well: the coffee and Swiss army knife.

UPDATE: This interaction is not found on their website anymore, following their redesign in September 2023. It did welcome website visitors during the four years it stood there. I'm still very proud of the seamless results achieved by mixing 3D animation and programing.

  • COMPANY: admire GmbH
  • RELEASE DATE: July 2019
  • TAGS: 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, JavaScript

Bonus social media animation made for Easter.