SBB Game Prototype

Let's examine the development of a prototype isometric game designed for the Swiss Railway company, SBB, during my studies at the School of Arts Bern.

The game's concept involves a user attempting to catch their train, with access to various items such as coffee to boost their character's speed. The isometric design was chosen to provide a unique perspective for players and create a visually appealing game environment.

To begin the project, I conducted extensive research into the SBB and their brand identity. Let me point out, back then I was new in the country, so this also worked to get familiar with a staple of Swiss daily life. I analyzed their current marketing campaigns and branding materials, as well as customer feedback, to understand their user's daily ordeals.

Once I had a clear understanding of the SBB's brand identity, I began creating concept art for the game, including character designs, train station environments, and game items. I also developed a game narrative that would provide context for the user's journey through the station.

After refining the concept art and game narrative, I began animating the game prototype with After Effects. The sound design was also inspired by the audible components of SBB’s CI/CD.

By understanding the brand identity and frustrations of the target audience, I was able to create a unique and engaging game that effectively conveyed the SBB's experience.

It’s also worth pointing out that I came up with this concept well before they included a similar game as an Easter egg in their app.

  • RELEASE DATE: June 2015
  • TAGS: Illustration, 2D Animation, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro