culturefood Ad

CultureFood is a food delivery service that delivers fresh, locally-sourced food to restaurants. To showcase their commitment to reliability and sustainability, they requested an 8-second animation. I decided to make the video in 3D to create a more dynamic visual experience. On top of that, I also used toon shading, a texture style that replicates the commonly seen 2D coloring textures in a 3D environment.

The video features a CultureFood delivery truck winding down a hill and arriving at a restaurant. Fresh ingredients then float out of the truck and into the restaurant. The chef welcomes the ingredients, showcasing the importance of locally-sourced ingredients in creating delicious and sustainable dishes. The video communicates CultureFood's unique value proposition and positions them as a reliable and responsible partner for restaurants.

As an added service, I also proposed to animate their logo. This would help keep the momentum of the animation all the way until the final reveal of the static logo.

Blender has proven to be incredibly powerful for a free program and in general.

I now donate monthly to the Blender Development Fund because I see the passion of everyone involved in its development. I strongly recommend giving Blender a chance.

  • CLIENT: CultureFood
  • RELEASE DATE: October 2022
  • TAGS: 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Blender 3D, Adobe Premiere Pro
storyboard drafts

Here’s a glimpse of the first storyboard draft.