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Since 2011, Admire has been organizing the most epic ski race you’ve ever witnessed. A networking event that offers thrills and relaxation.

Sadly, they were using the same antiquated logo that didn’t reflect the exclusive nature of the weekend. To celebrate the change of locations from Gstaad to Adelboden, I gave admire ski race an extreme makeover.

I redesigned the logo completely, with a new shape for the coat of arms and the three mountains that were also present in the previous brand image. Now it looks badass.

Matching the new corporate identity's vibe, the website and booklet had to be updated as well. Elegance and exclusivity were the main concepts that were lacking before. Not anymore.

Check out the film of the 2020 edition. You’ll be able to see other pieces I created for the event, like the flags and divithers.

  • COMPANY: admire GmbH
  • RELEASE DATE: November 2018
  • TAGS: Branding, UI Design, Wix, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

I didn’t have the pleasure to edit the video, my coworker, Victor Zollikofer was responsible for that. We both recorded some shots. Yet my biggest contribution was the drone and GoPro footage. Did I make those? Nope, but I brought my husband who did. And to be fair, I gave him that drone and dji gimbal as Christmas presents. So, I think I deserve some credit here.