nft landscape

Let’s ride off into the sunset in this looping scene inspired by Tron.

Photorealism is not always the end-goal with 3D. We can create and visit hyper-stylized dream worlds with this technology. This one was later minted into an NFT.

Since I ditched Cinema 4D for Blender as my 3D program of choice, I’ve been searching for new experiments to see what's possible within a couple of hours. This is my second test and still one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve done so far. Maybe it’s the simplicity that keeps drawing me back to this work.

Blender has proven to be incredibly powerful for a free program and in general.

I now donate monthly to the Blender Development Fund because I see the passion of everyone involved in its development. I strongly recommend giving Blender a chance.

  • RELEASE DATE: May 2020
  • TAGS: 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Blender 3D, Adobe Premiere Pro, NFT